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Songs About Girls: A Mixtape

This is probably the laziest mixtape I’ve ever made. I just looked for songs with the word “girl” in the title on my iPod, picked 14 tracks, arranged them in some sort of coherent storyline, and voila. But while sorting through it all, it got me thinking that however much I think I understand the opposite sex, I always end up discovering that I don’t know shit. So this mixtape is some sort of attempt at trying to figure things out. It’s not necessarily based on any particular true story of mine, but if that makes it a more enjoyable listening experience for you, then go right ahead.

Here’s the tracklisting, along with lyric quotes that I think sum things up.

1. Beck - “Girl”

"I know I’m gonna steal her eye, nothing that I wouldn’t try."

2. Ash - “Girl From Mars”

"I know that you are almost in love with me, I can see it in your eyes."

3. Tahiti 80 - “Something About You Girl”

"Although I may not understand everything you do, you know I just don’t mind."

4. Fountains Of Wayne - “The Girl I Can’t Forget”

"And now that I’m with her the whole thing seems a bit absurd."

5. Weezer - “The Prettiest Girl In The Whole Wide World”

"I’ve never been so happy, I’ve never been so sure."

6. Kaiser Chiefs - “Remember You’re A Girl”

"You’re going down the wrong road and it doesn’t even matter."

7. Big Star - “September Gurls”

"I loved you, well never mind. I’ve been crying all the time."

8. The Cribs - “Girls Like Mystery”

"They say love me till the end, they only see me as a friend."

9. Franz Ferdinand - “No You Girls”

"No, you girls never know how you make a boy feel."

10. Northern Uproar - “A Girl I Once Knew”

"Till I get myself together I’ll be standing alone forever and ever."

11. Ryan Adams - “These Girls”

"I only want them more, it’s so sad. But when they smile, God, I’ve been had."

12. The Black Keys - “Next Girl”

"All that work over so much time, if I think too hard I might lose my mind."

13. The Naked And Famous - “Girls Like You”

"Don’t you know people write songs about girls like you?"

14. Phoenix - “Girlfriend”

"Farewell until you know me well, girlfriend."

Source: 8tracks.com

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