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Ten Minute Mixtapes Volume 4: Priscilla Jamail (Monday Math Class)

Ten minutes to make a playlist chosen from songs on my 160GB iPod Classic. That’s the concept behind Ten Minute Mixtapes, in which I get people to make them for me. It’s really simple, all they have to do is browse my iPod’s library and just select the tracks they want. The ten-minute time limit gives it an added adrenaline edge, so they don’t have too much time to think when picking their songs. It’s so easy that I can just ask anyone I find to make one without having to make a prior appointment.

This mixtape was curated by Priscilla Jamail, to whom I indirectly owe my current delusions of being a musician.

I first met her on Sunday, August 26th 2007. By then I was in my second year working for Rolling Stone Indonesia, and had pretty much forgotten about being in a band. Not that I had any burning desire to do so, even though I had dabble a bit back in high school. But I suppose a lack of talent prevented me from pursuing it with any real intent, and so by the time I was with Rolling Stone Indonesia, I was content to just write about bands instead of actually being in one.

Anyway, one of the bands I wrote about was The Adams, and as things go, I ended up doing a lot of hanging out with the band and going to their gigs. That was the case on that particular day, when they were at Ancol to play at the inaugural Urban Fest. This time around, their entourage included a teenage girl. Didn’t talk much, because I didn’t really know how to talk to random teenage girls I just met.

A few months later, I learned from The Adams’ lead singer Ario Hendarwan that he had a side project called Monday Math Class in which he only wrote the music and didn’t sing. So who was singing? Do you really have to ask? I still don’t know how it came about, so maybe I have some asking to do.

Eventually word got around about Monday Math Class, and they were invited to play a gig. Ario didn’t think just the two of them would work, and so he decided to fill out the live line-up. Prisci got her friend Ghyan to sing backing vocals, while the rest of the music would be via laptop sequencer. I happened to drop by the studio when they were rehearsing, when Ario asked if I’d like to help out with the sequencer. “What do I do?” I asked, bearing in mind the lack of talent I mentioned above. “Just press the space bar,” said Ario. Easy enough. Deal!

You can read about the rest of my band exploits here. As for Prisci, I feel less weird about being a twenty-something (now thirty-something) dude in a band with a teenage girl because…actually she’s still a teenager, and will be until March of next year. But I’ve known her for so long, so eventually most of the weirdness just went away and now she’s one of my best friends whom I am quite protective of. If it weren’t for music, there really wouldn’t be any good, non-creepy reason for me to know her. So here’s to music!

This mix was curated on April 29th 2012 at Monday Math Class drummer Ildo Hasman’s house, where the band rehearses and have a home-cooked lunch. Lately it’s mostly been lunch.

Oh, and look out for Monday Math Class' debut EP. Coming soon!

1. Arctic Monkeys - “505”

2. Bon Iver - “Roslyn” [with St. Vincent]

3. Efek Rumah Kaca - “Tubuhmu Membiru…Tragis”

4. Fleet Foxes - “Blue Ridge Mountains”

5. She & Him - “Why Do You Let Me Stay Here?”

6. Sore - “Pergi Tanpa Pesan”

7. Warpaint - “Billie Holiday”

8. Feist - “The Bad In Each Other”

9. The Black Keys - “Gold On The Ceiling”

10. Anda - “Biru”

11. Amy Winehouse - “The Girl From Ipanema”

12. The Beatles - “Michelle” [Mono Remaster]

13. Gorillaz - “Empire Ants”

14. The Trees & The Wild - “Kata”


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